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The purpose of establishing the website:
1. According to the standard classification of instruments and meters, display the products of all instrument manufacturers in China, in order to facilitate global customers to find the products and manufacturers they want to buy. And get the ex-factory price.
2. According to the customization of foreign customers, the specific needs of the development to find counterpart manufacturers or units to undertake their projects, and communicate and coordinate the requirements of both parties in order to reach an agreement.
3. Display the new technologies and new products launched by Chinese manufacturers in the first time to customers in the global industry. So that dealers in various countries can quickly obtain agency rights.
4. Assist Chinese enterprises that are not familiar with foreign trade to handle various export business, or directly represent the foreign trade business of the enterprise.
The characteristics of the website:
1. This website is an encyclopedic website that will include all products in the instrumentation category and is a professional database.
2. This website is a comprehensive service website with the purpose of building a direct communication bridge between international customers and Chinese companies.
3. This website is a trading website for products, technologies and services. The feature is that customers can directly trade with the manufacturer through this website, without the cost of intermediate links.


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